WELCOME to Grade 6 Loveless
for the 2019-20 school year!


Hey students/parents/guardians! 

This site has been designed as a respository of information that may be of interest to you (both students and parents). 

During the first week of classes students will be given their NLESD Google accounts.  Students will be using these accounts throughout the school year in various subject areas.  It is the same as a regular Gmail account, only school-based, and will be used in conjunction with Google Classroom, as well as other Google features and apps found in G-Suite for Education.

Image result for google apps for education

Links are available for the various subject areas and these pages will contain information relating to the same.  Overviews of many of these subject areas will be provided, as well as links to course objectives as outlined by the Department of Education.  Throughout the school year additional course-related material will be posted.

"The Daily Grind/Homework" page will highlight main activities completed throughout the day in some/all subject areas and provide guidance regarding any work that may need to be completed at home.  It is certainly not my intent to bombard kids with homework, but there will be an expectation for students to complete any unfinished work from class when requested. 

The "NEWS" section will be used to provide reminders to students and parents of important dates/activities/deadlines that are school-related.


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